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 "Monique helped getting my financial housekeeping in order, creating intelligent overviews and following up on outstanding matters. Her experience was invaluable and I trusted her to deal efficiently with outside parties. Thank you, it is been a great help." RVW - private client

"Monique was of the utmost help in giving me the confidence and focus to hone my CV and interview skills. Her advice and guidance were invaluable during my time searching for a job and I had much to thank her for when I eventually secured my current role. Her experience makes her a respected source of knowledge and I would highly recommend her."
Rebecca Martin, Alumni St Andrews, Performance and Risk Investec Asset Management.

" We used Monique as an interim COO and I can highly recommend her. We benefitted from her expertise, attention to detail and experience." Paul Sullivan

Monique is a terrific professional, thoughtful, dedicated and hard-working. She has a unique ability to get things done. Her understanding of wealth management issues is deep and wide ranging. She brings a passion to her work and a commitment to her clients which elicits from them total trust and reliance.

" From the first meeting I had with Monique, my understanding of both the employer's expectations and the attributes I carry became a lot more clear. She provided me with honest critique and objective advice, while encouraging me to display my strongest characteristics through applications and in interview situations. Monique's keen eye for detail, professional experience and understanding of the recruitment process enabled me to improve the way I present my professional qualities and helped me form a strategy for getting a Training Contract."


monique stein

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